The interplay between the body, gender, and sexuality has always interested me and that is what inspired me to train as a Somatic Psychotherapist. I am often invited to take part in debates on gender, sexuality, and non-monogamous relationships. Moreover, I have been the sex and relationship advice columnist on Denmark’s largest dating site for swingers,, which has over 13,000 users. Parallel to that, I give talks, teach and hold workshops in non-monogamous dynamics, BDSM, kink and tantra. I also make art and theatre often with a focus on gender and sexual diversity. Currently, I am collaborating on an international podcast series, ”Deeper, Please!”, which will be released in 2020, where we interview people who are doing important shame-busting work in the modern sexpositive revolution.


  • ​Diploma in Somatic Psychotherapy

      Institut for Kommunikativ Psykoterapi v. Peter Koefod,         Centeret ved Søerne

  • Diploma in Tantric Practice (Niels Dencker)

  • Course in Systemic Family Constellations for Psychohtherapists Institut for Systematisk Opstilling og Familieopstilling (ISFO), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2020


  • Participant in Samtale Salon // Dome of Visions, a panel debate and discussion about the role of sound in sexual stimulation, a collaboration between Det Ovale Rum (Danish podcast series) and The Women’s Museum, Århus, 2016


  • Participant in a panel debate on “Sexual Education for Adults” organised the Danish Centre for Equality and the Danish Society for Women, at the annual People’s Democratic Festival, 2015

  • Adviser/consultant on Tændt (trans. ”turned on”), a theatre production about women’s desire by Lene Svendsen and Helene Kvint, Teater Momentum, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2018

  • Stage and costume designer, The Einstein of Sex, a touring theatre production by Livingstone’s Kabinet about the world’s first sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld, Denmark 2015 & 2016, (reprised at the Queering Memory Conference, Berlin, 2019)

  • Workshop leader of various workshops on tantric massage in Denmark since 2017


  • Teacher of ethics, consent, communication and practical techniques within BDSM in various Danish clubs, 2015 – present


  • Founder of the website LustLab, where I run courses and workshops on dating, kink, BDSM and open relationships, all with a focus on open communication and practical techniques, 2015


  • Participant in various short courses and workshops in Denmark, England og Germany led by Seani Love (on Conscious Kink), London Faerie, Wilreike Sofia, and Ruby May


  • Performance artist with touring performances in Japan, Parallel with my practice, I have toured with my feminist performance art in Sideløbende med min praksis arbejder jeg med Feministisk Performance og har turneret med egne performances i både Japan, Belarus, Ireland and Poland


  • Stage and Spatial Designer, Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, 1991-1992 and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, 1987-1992


  • Workshop leader at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Århus University and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Design.


  • I have worked as either stage designer, costume designer and/or performance artist in over 40 productions often revolving around themes of gender, sexuality, sensuality and desire. In 2014, I was nominated for a Reumert Award (the national Danish theatre awards) for Best Stage Design for the production, ”Kærlighed uden Strømper” (trans. ”Love Without Stockings”).

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