Approach & Method

I am a psychotherapist and work with issues of self-worth, anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and sexual challenges. I offer therapy for both individuals and all romantic relationship constellations, both monogamous and non-monogamous.


I work cognitively with a focus on personal change through action and insight. Like life, our sexualities are not static and through therapeutic dialogue, we can define and redefine who we are and what is right for us. In my therapeutic practice, I place a specific emphasis on the resources and possibilities that can also be found in the midst of a crisis. Perhaps old habits and ways of thinking are about to fall away, and this can be scary. However, when old patterns fall away, they often make room for new ones to emerge that are truer to us as individuals. Through therapeutic dialogue and reflection, we can deepen our insight into ourselves and how we interact with others.


Contact to our own bodies and knowledge of its signals is a central part of my therapeutic practice. How do we learn to listen to our body’s desires and needs? How do these relate to way we see ourselves? Perhaps your body has been ignored for too long. Perhaps you don’t know its language. Perhaps you are full of shame about your body’s needs and desires. Perhaps you feel ashamed about the way your body does not conform to damaging cultural beauty norms. Perhaps it is broken down due to illness, pressure, demands or stress.


This is why cognitive dialogue is so useful to my therapeutic practice as are simple exercises designed to train you to listen to your body and improve your contact to it. As part of the therapy, I often set small homework tasks so that you can get the most out of the therapeutic process. Mindfulness techniques, keeping a journal, visualisation, breathing exercises are therefore all important tools alongside the therapeutic dialogue. Body and mind are related and in all of my therapy, I work with the whole person.

Special experience

I have particular experience of counselling people who identify as polyamorous/non-monogamous, kinky, BDSM practitioners, swingers, sex workers, and LGBTQIA+. All adults whose sexual and personal practice is based on informed consent and mutual respect are welcome.


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