”You have helped my wife and I through immense challenges. You possess equal amounts of heart and mind. You listen. You are non-judgmental, caring and wise. You are both process and result orientated and really know what you are doing.”
Søren, 46

”After breaking up with my partner, I started on a course of therapy with Dorte. In the beginning everything was total chaos, and I spent most of my time crying on my sofa. I’d almost given up hope of change and a happy life. I have now been in therapy with Dorte for 8 months and my life has changed radically. I have been in several different courses of therapy in my life, but in the 8 months with Dorte, I have developed more than I imagined possible.

I have got better at confronting the things I find difficult and working actively on them. Dorte is good at making me an active part of the therapy, and together we plan different tasks that I have to carry out during the sessions. That she is also great company, and fantastic at giving me a feeling of self-worth/self-confidence and hope, means that I can recommend her unconditionally. I haven’t finished going to therapy with Dorte yet. I feel that I’m still developing in my relationships, as a mother, and now have dreams about my future, and I feel that I have greater control over my life in general.”

Jeanette, 53

"I experience Dorte as a warm and caring person, and as a therapist, she is both gentle but clear and direct. She’s the not the kind of therapist that simply says, ”And how do you feel about that?”. On the contrary, she challenges your way of thinking about a problem. I like the fact that therapy with Dorte is active; that you carry out exercises and play out different scenarios."

Nanna, 28

“You have helped me many times to find my position again and return to reality. Sometimes in a relationship, you may have doubts about what's up and down. "

Steve, 49

”I found Dorte after 10 years of struggling with anxiety and depression. I’d seen many different psychologists and therapists throughout my life and had almost given up on finding help. After my first session with her, I regained hope. She has been an irreplaceable support and help - going out of her way to check up on me and support me through the hardest times. I am unconditionally grateful for everything she has done for me and I am very comforted in knowing that I always have a safe and sane place to go if I ever fall back into my old state of mind”

Astrid, 19

”Dorte is both professional and has a playful way of guiding, and it’s easy to rely on her suggestions and recommendations. I enjoyed exploring the fine nuances of what can happen when you play with sexuality.”

Tina, 56

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